Gold September

Awareness and Fundraising

Awareness & Funding

We are working with schools, organisations, communities, and individuals to help raise awareness for childhood cancer and help fund research projects in relation to those cancer types that mainly effect young people.

100% of your donations go to research

Our charity was formed by; and is run by volunteers to ensure 100% of donations received are put directly into valued research projects. Our costs such as printing & merchandise are covered by sponsorship.

Research Centres

We have established relationships with several research centres including the University of Oxford, Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology, and University Hospitals of Birmingham & Nottingham, possibly more to follow pending on their research projects.

Research Projects

Despite our charity being in its infant years, we have already started to fund a project at Oxford researching ATACSeq which is a fairly new but extremely useful technique that marks out specific cells involved in causing infant leukaemia. Another project we are funding is at Leeds to research the bone cancer cells that are responsible for disease progression and relapse. We have many more we wish to fund so please take part and help us.

History of Gold September

Gold September was established in 2014

No parent thinks their child will ever get cancer.  Neither did we until we were told our 4 year old son was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on 15th August 2012.  Our world was turned upside down, we just couldn't understand how our son could have cancer, it wasn't in our family history and our son led a healthy lifestyle. Sadly, after a long and horrendous battle, our son lost his fight on 29th April 2015, aged just 7 years old.  You can read more about Eddy's battle Here

After Eddy was diagnosed, we discovered a whole new world, one that brings so much pain to many children, parents, friends and associates. We discovered September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the GOLD ribbon represents childhood cancer, and cancer takes the lives of more young people than all other diseases combined. We knew very little about the signs and symptoms, but most significant of all, we discovered that cancer in children is not rare and research is very poorly funded.

Alongside our local community, we held several fundraising events for various charities, raising in excess of £30,000.  There were many people wishing to fundraise and what we really wanted was to provide a vehicle for everyone to use which ensures all donations go directly towards research. So we, alongside others decided to establish Gold September as an official charity thus enabling everyone to use this charity as a method of directly funding research into childhood cancers of all types, in particular those projects where the giant pharmaceutical companies won't invest in as they are often deemed as none-profitable. For us and pretty much everyone else are of the view that a child's life should not be associated to profit making. We are also working hard to raise awareness by establishing our Super-Hero day once a year during the month of September.

The name "Gold Septemeber" was derrived from the fact that the "GOLD" ribbon is representative of Childhood Cancer, and "September" is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

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